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360 Home Pictures Java Faqs

If you are having problems viewing Java or Flash:


Java Virtual Machine

360homepictures brochures are a web-based application and require Java to run within your browser unless viewing brochure with Macromedia flash player. Most browsers come pre-configured with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) - the Java software that supports web interaction.

Sun Microsystem JVM

The Sun JVM is the official runtime environment for web-based Java software. VRbrochures are fully compatible with all versions of the Sun JVM following Version 1.1.8.

To ensure future compatibility with VRbrochures and all web-based Java software, we strongly recommend you download and install the Sun JVM. The Sun JVM runs as a plug-in module within Microsoft Internet Explorer and operates in the exact manner as the Microsoft VM.

To download the Sun JVM, click here..

Macromedia Flash Player

To Macromedia Flash Plugin download center


For additional information contact our information department at info@360homepictures.com


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